Eight Steps For Conducting the Imprinting Interview

Leading to Greatly Improved Hiring Accuracy

  1. Take the application
  2. Conduct the screening interview (see separate sheet)
  3. Check the resume, call the previous employer and ask this question just prior to hanging up, “John, if anything else comes to my attention, would it be okay if I call you back?”
  4. Conduct the assessment on your candidate
  5. Call the references back and say, “Something did come to our attention and I’d like to ask you a follow-up question.” Then, ask about the negative behaviors which are predicted by the Concern and the Caution scores. The prior employer will either confirm or deny what you are saying. Usually you will hear, “Well, since you brought it up…” You will likely hear some confirmation about the Assessment’s predictions. Now you are armed for the final, or “Imprinting” interview.
  6. Bring your candidate back in and let him read the Participant’s Report. After he’s done, bring him into your office for the last interview.
  7. Show him the color charts. Mention the scores that landed in the dark green boxes, briefly describe the positive behaviors that are predicted and let him know that you appreciate what these trait scores mean about him
  8. Then show him any scores in red or yellow. Tell him, “However, if the behaviors that are predicted by these scores were to actually show up in your work, it could really prevent you from succeeding with us. I’d like to talk with you about them.” Spend time drilling into these personality traits and the behaviors they predict, and see what he has to say about them.

Now your decision should be much easier, faster and more accurate.

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