Anderson Profiles

Leading to Greatly Improved Hiring Accuracy

The Three Hidden Costs Of A Bad Hire

Or The True Savings Of Effective Hiring

Damaged Reputation

  • Within Your Customer Base
  • Among Your Team Members
  • As A Manager

Financial Costs

  • Retraining
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Wrongful Hiring Lawsuits

Emotional Costs

  • Tremendous Hassle Of Rehiring
  • Uncertainty Of New Hire
  • Pain Of Firing An Employee

Meet Dave Anderson

Dave “Mr. Accountability” Anderson is a leading international speaker and author on personal and corporate performance improvement. After an extensive career in the automotive retail business Dave, along with his wife Rhonda, began LearnToLead – entering its third decade – with the goal to help individuals and organizations reach their personal and corporate potential.

The author of 15 books, most recently Intentional Mindset: Developing Mental Toughness and a Killer Instinct (available wherever books are sold), and host of the wildly popular podcast, “The Game Changer Life,” Dave’s no-nonsense messages impact readers and listeners in over 145 countries. Dave has spoken in twenty countries and presents 100+ times annually to a wide array of businesses, athletic teams, and nonprofits.

His immediately applicable messages, energized and dynamic presentation style, and unmatched content positively focuses, equips, and inspires teams to do better – and the principles he shares resonate with audiences from a wide array of industries. 

His direct, often-humorous, and somewhat politically incorrect approach has earned him the nickname, “Mr. Accountability.” Dave’s “in-the-trenches” background of starting and running world class businesses, coupled with his relatable non-academic approach creates unmatched connection that resonates with his audiences and moves them to action.

Dave and Rhonda are also co-founders of Matthew 25:35 Foundation, which helps feed, clothe and house under-resourced people worldwide. In his personal time Dave enjoys the martial arts and holds a second degree black belt in karate. He has been married three decades to Rhonda, and enjoys life as a grandpa immensely.